"Scenic designer Aaron Bell uses the width of the Long Center's Rollins Theatre, making the two halves of the audience face each other, placing the action of the play in a long alley in the middle. At each end of the stage, huge panels rise, some with writing on them, creating strong visual tension, like a scale with great balances on the ends."        
"Part of the power of the play comes from the technical aspects of the production. The black box setting of the Sanders Theatre is expertly turned into a beautiful, modern Mexican living and dining room by set designer John Aaron Bell. There are traditional Mexican elements here and there, and the tiled floor is an especially beautiful touch. There are tall windows with long, billowing curtains that are used in a wonderfully creepy, windblown effect when the cries of La Llorona are heard."

  -Mandy Rausch of the Dallas Fort Worth's Pegasus News
Mary Stuart    -Austin Shakespeare                                               2010
La Llorona   -Amphibian Productions                                          2010
Midsummer Nights Dream   -Austin Shakespeare                          2010
“Dream! A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is the perfect play for a theatre in the park experience. The show’s fantastical elements and forest setting, when coupled with live music and an outdoor Austin evening, could really be a spot-on combination".

    -American-Statesman, Claire Canavan
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie   -Zach Theatre                            2012
"With a colorful set and strikingly oversized props, the show is full of fun visual surprises. Whether cutting his own hair with a giant pair of scissors or accidentally wrapping himself in tape, Burke was a whirling dervish of a performer for the whole show.."

-Claire Canavan of Austin American Statesman
Sophisticated Ladies   -Zach Theatre                                        2015
"Design and tech are clearly up to advanced 21st century standards. The set showed us a multi-tiered Cotton Club with lit music boxes for the ten-member band and a white Yamaha baby grand piano stage center that dominated with its huge stage presence..."

-David Glen Robinson of CTX Live Theatre
A Year with Frog and Toad   -Zach Theatre                                2015
"Design elements really shine in “A Year With Frog and Toad.” Set designer Aaron Bell has created a versatile set that evokes the play’s cozy forest world...."

-Jeanne Claire van Ryzin of Austin360
Three Little Pigs   -Zach Theatre                                                   2015
"The set design for “The Three Little Pigs” is smart, with three separate house frames that are movable and combine depending on the scene. Each pig adds a screen to show the different materials they make their house with. The houses move around and get put back together for the final house and get turned around for the Big Bad Wolf’s lair..."

-Nicole Villalpando of Austin360